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Plankton interactions, their environmental determinants, and biogeochemical consequences in the Southern Senegal coastal laboratory


Conference on Eastern Boundary Upwelling Systems (EBUS): Past, Present and Future – Lima and videoconference (19-23 septembre 2022)

Information including program can be found here:

Several sessions have been proposed by SOLAB scientists:

  • Session # 3 | Natural and forced variability of the CO2 fluxes in EBUS
  • Session # 6 | Bays in Upwelling Systems
  • Session # 8 | Diversity and interactions of microbial/planktonic foodweb in EBUS and the role of small to large scale processes on the functioning of their ecosystem
  • Session # 16 | EBUS dynamics, environmental stressors and coastal resources
  • Session # 26 | Climate change impacts and adaptation strategies in EBUS
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Xavier Capet

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